Gas Services

Domestic Gas/ LPG/ Oil

Ambi-Heat has a wide range of experience in the domestic market, our engineers have the knowledge and gas safe qualifications to deal with any appliance.

Combi boilers

Ambi-Heat MS can repair, install and perform all alterations on the heating system from moving radiators to installing TMV's on your hot water taps.

System boilers with hot water tanks which would be in a larger house with more than one bathroom.

Warm Air heaters ,

Some domestic properties have a ducted system. Ambi-Heat MS can again service, install a new unit if the old one has come to the end of its working life, ductwork alterations for extensions and new builds.

Boiler/ Combi installs,

Ambi-Heat MS can perform a simple combi boiler swap or convert a old system to customer lead requirements. We use the latest install materials and methods to ensure its a trouble free and long lasting installation.

Landlord Certs, Servicing,

Breakdown, installs, repairs. A simple and easy solutions for your property portfolio, from domestic sites to large warehouses/ offices.

Commercial Gas

Ambi-Heat MS has its roots based in the commercial gas market, over 30 years in the trade has seen us installing, repair and servicing a varied range of heating equipment and ventilation systems along side.

Space Heating,

Industrial sites, Factories, Warehouses, Car Showrooms, Gyms, sports halls.

We have contracts with all the major heating manufactures in the UK and further afield, this is so we can deliver what the customer wants or the best application for the site requirements looking at being the most efficient/ effective way of heating the space.

Free standing heaters that can be ducted for multi room applications

Oil Fired Heater

LPG fired heaters

Office Boiler Rooms, Nursing homes, Retail.

Gas Pipe Work Installations, Process plant, Etc.

Commercial Catering, LPG Mobile Catering.

Purging & Testing of Gas pipework

Compliance Gas testing, Pipe work 5 years tests.